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    easter time, again!

                So, it’s that time of year again. Does it seem sooner to any of you like it does me? That’s the fun of Easter. A different time each year. I have heard it’s because it’s tied to Passover, but it’s been ages since I’ve been to bible study so [...]

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    reminder of gratitude

                Right when Life seems to be putzing along it sometimes goes sideways. Last month we received the tragic news that our Laura passed away suddenly. She was the beloved wife of my cousin, Ray Rowe, and wondermous mom to their two children, Alex, 22 and Rachel, 19. It was [...]

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    fall musings

    Fall. My favorite time of the year. The mornings are finally ‘ok’ and for those of us who have lived here our whole lives, we can smell it and feel it. I am ashamed to say I still sound like a newcomer every July and August. I am pretty much the first person to start [...]

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    nathan and lindsey kline

    For the second time in my life, I have the pleasure of saying, ‘My son’s wife.’ I was so excited when it was ‘My son’s fiance’ a few months ago but it doesn’t compare to being able to say ‘wife’ instead. It is a truly surreal event when your child is married. I found myself [...]

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    I am in the middle of getting ready for our Number One’s wedding in Mexico and I can’t help but remember all three of my guys when they were younger. I was telling Erik (#3) just the other day that I have decided that their childhood was one lifetime and their adult years are a [...]

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    morning coffee with my favorite bobcat

    Every once in awhile, something happens to get my attention away from what I call Life. Life is when we are running here and there with a million thoughts running through our heads and there never seems to be enough time in the day. Two mornings ago, I was walking (ok, running) through the front [...]

  • Danny and Sherry_2

    another year, another anniversary, another gratitude prayer

    41 years. Yes, that’s right. I know it’s a shock to most of you. But my boyfriend and I have been married for 41 years as of yesterday. I know! How can anyone so young be married for that long???? *grin This past year has been especially fun, exciting and yes, interesting. Our oldest son, [...]

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    queen of procrastination tis i

    Now, doesn’t that look like a room that is clean and organized? Yes, it is. Both clean AND organized. What you don’t know is that it has taken me 8 FREAKIN’ months to create that slice of heaven by actually cleaning and organizing. My ignoring it created the biggest storage shed in Kingdom Come and [...]

  • Nanabah, Sherry, Lindsey II_2

    mom-in-law vs. monster-in-law

    (my sweet nanabah, me me me and lovely lindsey) One of the joys of having all guys is that you get to welcome daughters-in-law into the family. My Adam and his sweet Nanabah have been married for 12 years (gasp!) and over those years I have enjoyed my evolving relationship with Nanabah. I cannot imagine [...]

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    danny’s fun adventure

    Here he goes! This is my Danny on his first gliding flight. His wondermous staff gave it to him for Christmas this last year and yesterday was the first opportunity to make it happen. He was a little ambivalent beforehand, but ended up enjoying it quite a bit! I have to admit to being jealous. [...]