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    spring break in apache junction

    It’s Spring Break in Arizona and time to get out and have some fun! And why not start in Apache Junction? Ok, I hear some of you groaning and moaning but just listen for a minute. There are so many places around here to visit and can be done in a 1/2 or even a [...]

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    happy labor day to me!

    Happy Labor Day to me! And Happy Birthday to my Nathan, of course! He is 3-dozen-years-old today. Holy-Moley.  How can I be old enough to have a 36-year-old??? Well, since I told everyone in the world I just turned 60, I guess I AM old enough! A child’s birthday seems to fill the mom’s day [...]

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    happy birthday to my boyfriend

    ‘I will still love you. I will still need you. When you’re 64…’ That song has been in my head for days now. And we are finally on the 28th of February when my boyfriend is finally 64. As most important days, this one is being spent with him at work and me patiently (ha!) [...]

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    recent reads…

    We  had a bookclub meeting last night and we had read ‘What Alice Forgot’ by Liane Moriarty and I have to say, we all enjoyed it quite a bit. Short synopsis: a woman gets hit in the head, comes to and thinks it’s 10 years ago when she was newly married and pregnant. Now she [...]

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    family portrait!

    Here is my lovely family! Danny surprised me a couple weeks ago and had a photographer come to Nathan’s house to take our portrait. I, of course, talked him into taking more than just one of all of us. We ended up with some great pictures. Nanabah is the one who suggested the colors after [...]

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    happy valentine’s day!

    Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy 100th Birthday, Arizona! This is a segment I did a couple years ago but bears repeating if you’re panicking because you haven’t got a Valentine’s present for a special person in your life. Fun stuff. The picture is the lovely card my boyfriend gave me this morning. Today is our [...]

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    i’m launched!

    What an exciting day for me! I finally have a website for all my ‘make it yourself’ stuff! This website has been more of a dream than reality for longer than I care to admit. My son, Adam, was kind enough to bear with me (with a lot of patience, trust me!) and helped me [...]