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    aromatherapy for kids

    I was not one of those Nature Moms feeding my babies organic, homemade pureed vegetables and fruits or only had organic materials touching their precious, little bodies. Since two were born during Danny’s dental school years (were we NUTS?) and the third one-year later, I was not anywhere interested in anything that took time or [...]

  • honey

    honey that winter skin away

    These last few weeks have been murder on my skin! It’s hard enough to keep up with aging skin without 0% humidity and a cold wind on top of it. I decided it’s time to talk about getting that moisture back on our faces and body and in a way that doesn’t cost a lot [...]

  • oatmeal

    oatmeal: not just for breakfast

    I have been in the kitchen way too much lately! It seems I have been talking a lot about making beauty products from food ingredients. First it was honey, followed by olive oil and now I have been having fun making stuff with oatmeal. And what a lovely grain it is! I am not much [...]