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    easter egg dyeing with food

    I have wanted to dye Easter Eggs with food for years and finally tried it. This was such a fun project with surprising and, sometimes, puzzling results. Most of the ideas were after surfing the internet, googling ‘easter egg dyeing with food.’ There are so many people out there doing this and so many different [...]

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    cleaning green and cheap!

    I have addressed this before but it’s that time of year: The windows are open, the air is balmy and it’s time to clean! During the holidays, most of us have little time to do any thorough cleaning and get by with an occasional wipe of the dust cloth and quick swipe over the mirrors. [...]

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    favorite things

    One of the many reasons I adore doing segments on Your Life is I enjoy sharing things I love. This encompasses all sorts of areas like cooking, cleaning, spa stuff and even self study. My friends and family ask where I get my ideas and where I get all the supplies and ingredients, so I [...]

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    engagement and bridal shower gifts

    Talking about this subject is very special to me these days since my oldest son, Nathan, is (finally!) engaged to his Lovely Lindsey and we have a wedding to look forward to this coming June. So you can imagine how happy I am to share all of these ideas with you! As I have mentioned [...]

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    jams made the easy way

    Have any of you noticed the great prices for fruit recently at your local grocers and farmers markets? Making jams is a nice way to take advantage of the abundance but it’s just too dang hot out there to be cooking the fruit and then boiling jars for canning. What I do is a quick [...]

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    pickling made easy!

    It’s that time of year, isn’t it? When we want to take advantage of the abundance of vegetables and herbs at the farmer’s markets or, better yet, from our own garden and are wondering what to do with all of it? Well, one thing you can do is pickle them! Not the ‘ work-intensive canning, [...]

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    afternoon tea made easy!

    I was 42-years-old before I was introduced to lovely, luscious afternoon tea by my wonderful Auntie Vel. And the first question to myself was, ‘Why in the heck did you take so long?’ I am happy to say that since then I have had tea many times and enjoy it immensely. When I was blessed [...]

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    basil for everything!

    Basil for Everything!   When you hear the word basil, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well, I think of a caprese salad of mozzarella, tomatoes and basil leaves or a simple bowl of angel hair pasta with a pesto sauce. But would this herb be effective in the world of skincare, too? [...]

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    sunburns: get the ‘ouch’ out!

    Before talking about sunburns, I would like to address the sunscreen issue. We, in Arizona, are very aware of how important it is to use plenty of sunscreen. Second to Australia, we have a very high occurrence of skin cancer and so it’s very important that we stay vigilant about using sunscreen. Our children especially [...]

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    daddy’s day homemade gifts

    Father’s Day. BBQ, baseball on tv (or, better yet; go to a game!), swimming, boating. All of this sounds like a typical Dad’s day to me. But the one thing that’s a big stressor for me? What in the heck do you give a GUY??? After all the ties, golf shirts, Hawaiian shirts, etc are [...]