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    easter egg dyeing with food

    I have wanted to dye Easter Eggs with food for years and finally tried it. This was such a fun project with surprising and, sometimes, puzzling results. Most of the ideas were after surfing the internet, googling ‘easter egg dyeing with food.’ There are so many people out there doing this and so many different [...]

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    spring break in apache junction

    It’s Spring Break in Arizona and time to get out and have some fun! And why not start in Apache Junction? Ok, I hear some of you groaning and moaning but just listen for a minute. There are so many places around here to visit and can be done in a 1/2 or even a [...]

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    afternoon tea made easy!

    I was 42-years-old before I was introduced to lovely, luscious afternoon tea by my wonderful Auntie Vel. And the first question to myself was, ‘Why in the heck did you take so long?’ I am happy to say that since then I have had tea many times and enjoy it immensely. When I was blessed [...]

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    summer ideas for kids

      Summertime can be fun with the days being more relaxed and there are ‘no worries’ getting up for school and having lunches packed or those times when homework WAS eaten by the dog! But what are you going to do on those days when the kids are sick of being inside, sick of what’s [...]

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    aromatherapy for kids

    I was not one of those Nature Moms feeding my babies organic, homemade pureed vegetables and fruits or only had organic materials touching their precious, little bodies. Since two were born during Danny’s dental school years (were we NUTS?) and the third one-year later, I was not anywhere interested in anything that took time or [...]