about make it yourself mom

Part of what I enjoy in my life is sharing ideas with other people. When I find a good product or an unusual way to prepare food or am shown a new technique in the kitchen, I cannot wait to tell someone about it. Being on Your Life AtoZ gives me a wonderful opportunity to do just that.

I am hoping that this website gives me another venue to do more of the same. I want you to see a video or read an article and think, “Well, that seems easy enough!’ or “I never knew that!’

I do not claim (and never have!) to be the do all, know all of what is ‘Make It Yourself’ stuff. I know for certain there are better informed people than myself doing the same thing but what I am hoping is different about this website is you will be enlightened and inspired to try something and enjoy it as much as I do, without feeling patronized or overwhelmed with details.

Learning and sharing is important to me. And I am greatly appreciative of having Your Life and this website to fulfill that part of my life.