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For the second time in my life, I have the pleasure of saying, ‘My son’s wife.’ I was so excited when it was ‘My son’s fiance’ a few months ago but it doesn’t compare to being able to say ‘wife’ instead. It is a truly surreal event when your child is married. I found myself hyper-excited during the months preceding the wedding, but once The Day arrived, I found myself curiously calm and just plain happy. I imagined myself in manic-mode, running around and yelling and laughing. Well, I laughed a lot but no manic behavior. Having a destination wedding, especially when you’re at the venue a few days ahead, allows you to settle in, relax, and take a moment to chat with everyone so that once The Day comes it’s almost Just Another Day. Almost.

It was Nathan’s wedding day. I found myself reflecting back to Adam and Nanabah’s  over 12 years ago as both days were full of laughs and love and great happiness over whom our men had chosen to be their lifemates. Remembering how much I love my relationship with Daughter-in-law Number One, Sweet Nanabah, gives me much anticipated joy at the thought of the same relationship with Daughter-in-law Number Two, Lovely Lindsey. How I’ve ended up with two such beautiful, bright, loving women in my life, I won’t ever know, but I will never lose sight of the fact that I have much to be grateful for.

View from our room.

The wedding destination was the Playacar Palace located in Playa del Carmen, 30 miles south of Cancun. The resort was beautiful and the people there friendly and determined to make our stay the best possible. The perfect venue for a wedding. Except for the rain. It was the beginning of the rainy (aka: Hurricane Season!) season on the Yucatan Peninsula and there were days of rain and days of sunshine. It so happened the wedding was on a rainy day. Nathan tried his hardest to make the Beach Wedding happen (other than her dress, a beach wedding and her friends and family being there, Lindsey had little concern over any other details–NOT a bridezilla, for sure!), but it wasn’t meant to be. It was an official Mexican wedding officiated by a Mexican judge, who was kind enough to do it in English, so a translator wasn’t necessary. Being that the wedding ended up in the Luna Lounge (the small bar area for dancing), it made a more casual and friendly atmosphere, with laughs and various comments made by the wedding guests. And, yes, I took pictures during the ceremony. I know! I know! I should have been focused on the vows, etc., but those who know me are probably not too surprised since my camera has a tendency to be an extension of my arm! As it happens, since I am such a freak about all that, I got some wondermous shots.

The ring ceremony

Mexican marriage licenses require the bride and groom’s thumbprints and taking a picture of the inked thumbs is traditional. Fun, right?

It is now a couple weeks later and the new Mr. and Mrs. Kline returned from their honeymoon a couple days ago. We haven’t seen them yet since I am sure it has been a huge culture shock coming home after being gone for so long and having to jump back into work. Hopefully, we will see them soon. We are both looking forward to hearing about their travels and getting used to the idea of our having a new member of the family.

It won’t take a lot of effort, trust me!





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