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    summer ideas for kids

      Summertime can be fun with the days being more relaxed and there are ‘no worries’ getting up for school and having lunches packed or those times when homework WAS eaten by the dog! But what are you going to do on those days when the kids are sick of being inside, sick of what’s [...]

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    puppy love

    Would you believe that you can use essential oils to help your animal’s health and well-being? Yes, you can! Just like people, animals can benefit from essential oils for mood and health. Today, I will concentrate on Man’s Best Friend: Our puppy dogs! There are blends of essential oils that will not only alter your [...]

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    fake it or make it dressings

    Fake it! ~Linda Davis~ There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that homemade salad dressing is to die for!  Especially Sherry’s – she is the Make It queen. And then there’s me.  I know I should make it.  So why do I so badly want to always simply Fake It?  Well, sadly it’s Life [...]

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    chili: easy and yummy!

    This recipe was given to me by my good friend, Kathy Blech. We call it ‘chalupa’ and it’s a HUGE favorite by anyone who makes it. It’s great overnight or all day in a crock-pot or it can be done on the stove. However you make it, you’ll be amazed at how good it is. [...]

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    everything’s better with butter!

    Nothing makes a sauce or even waffles taste better than creamy butter, right? But I sometimes get confused with what’s best: salted or unsalted? What is the difference between the regular butter I buy and European? Are butter blends (part butter, part canola oil), margarine or butter substitutes better for us? Is there any way [...]

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    chai tea: for you or as a gift

    Have you purchased Chai tea latte from your favorite spot & asked yourself: ‘Can’t I make this cheaper?’ Yes, you can! Not only can I have you making your own Chai tea lattes, I can also show you how to make a great Christmas gift for your friends and family! Making the tea is so [...]

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    valentines day-for everyone!

    I know that Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day for lovers to honor one another. But I like to think of it as a Day of Love for Everybody! What a great way to show all the people in your life how much you care about them! We have to first honor those who ARE [...]

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    first aid made easy

    May I just say right away that I am NOT Dr. Sher? When it comes to First Aid at Home, I, like most moms and grandmas, have all kinds of remedies that have been passed down from one generation to the next. The ones I am going to recommend are what I have used over [...]

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    gift giving guidelines

    Have you ever found yourself racking your brain over what gift to give your friends?  I used to spend so much time running around the mall, going in and out of different stores and praying for inspiration. I have finally come up with a little guideline to help me give them something that says they [...]

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    bug be gone

    I know I have talked about Make It Yourself bug repellent before but since bugs are still around, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit the subject and maybe help those who are still as frustrated as I am about the little critters! One of the buggers (pun intended!) is a mosquito. [...]