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Here are a few books that I just purchased and am in the middle of reading:

‘How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It’ by Patricia Love and Steven Stosny. Now if that’s not a provocative title, I don’t know what is. When my Danny saw it he said, ‘Finally!  A book about NOT talking!’ He is such a GUY!!!!  But, I am willing to look it over and, hopefully, find some tips to keep communication open.

‘The Worry Cure’ by Robert L. Leahy. I had a mom who worried about everything. In fact, when she would be worrying something to death and I thought it was time to just let it go, I would say, ‘Let’s not worry about that right now. Check your Worry List and see what’s next.’ She would laugh (thankfully!) and stop the worrying. Well, stopped in front of me, at least! As a result, I feel I don’t over worry things (unless it’s about my guys and their gals; can’t seem to keep them out of my brain!) and try hard to solve instead of dwell. I can always improve.  This book has 7 steps to help determine our worry profile, identify productive worry and unproductive worry and to focus on new opportunities and not on a fear of failure.

‘Make the Bread, Buy the Butter’ by Jennifer Reese. I showed this book during my ‘Favorite Things’ segment on Your Life AtoZ and was mocked by Lisa! (kidding) She said she would NEVER make bread; too time consuming. But you should really try reading this well-written, very informative book about what is worth making ourselves and what is a waste of time and money. The author is very clever and entertaining. Even if I don’t end up making anything from the book, I am really enjoying reading her adventures. Don’t be surprised if you see me take something from the book and show it on the show. I already have a couple of ideas; homemade marshmallows, anyone??

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